What makes Brooklyn Bean Roastery different? It’s all in the craft. Making craft coffee is a display of craftsmanship — the application of professional skill and exacting precision to produce specific flavor profiles for a truly exceptional cup of coffee. When your coffee comes from Brooklyn Bean, you know it’s crafted with love and care. Every sip invites an “ahhh,” all thanks to our skilled roasters, meticulous quality standards, and years spent mastering the craft.

Our Process

B E A N   S E L E C T I O N
For the Love of Beans

Good Beans = Good Coffee. That’s why we source from the tropical, high-altitude mountains of Latin America for our 100% Arabica beans. The best craft coffee comes from specialty grade beans. That is, beans with almost no imperfections. Sourcing mostly from Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, and Guatemala, our specialty grade beans are just the start of our coffee’s unique flavor profiles and notes.
R O A S T I N G   T E M P E R A T U R E
Roasting Perfection

Each coffee bean has its own perfect degree of roast depending on its origin and growing environment. Our master roasters balance just the right amount of heat and air flow needed to bring out the bean’s full potential. Heat & air flow determine our bean temperature ramping profiles for the perfect roast. When done just right, we end up with a flawless color, aroma, and that signature Brooklyn bean Roastery taste profile.
R O A S T   S I Z E
All Eyes On Beans

Every batch of Brooklyn Bean is roasted with extra TLC. We roast in small batches, so we can keep our eyes on the beans. When roasting is not done properly scorching, baking, and under-roasting can occur giving bitter and sour flavors to the coffee. That is why small batch roasting is so important. Small batch roasting gives us more control of the process and leaves room for us to make adjustments while roasting to ensure we never have poorly roasted beans
C O O L   D O W N
Lock in the Flavor

Once the beans are roasted, we have just a New York minute to lock in the quality and aroma. This is how we crank up the flavor in your cup of coffee. Ambient air is passed through the roasted coffee beans to immediately cool them, locking in the desired notes and flavors.
At Roaster Cupping

How do we know every batch of Brooklyn Bean Coffee is roasted to perfection? Well, because our master roaster inspects every one of ‘em. Yes, it’s every coffee lover’s dream job.
Cupping, a fancy way of saying coffee sampling, is our checkpoint to ensure full development of coffee flavor notes. This involves pouring hot water onto the freshly roasted beans, steeping for 3-5 minutes, and removing the foamy head. Then, we can be sure every coffee leaving the roasting room is to Brooklyn Bean standard.